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Please enjoy reading our patient reviews from our dental family. 

- Kristen B. ★★★★★
I've been going to this dentist office since I was a little girl and have always had a great experience. I even remember playing in the mound of stuffed animals they had in the waiting room and the excitement of getting to pick out a toy from the toy bin after the cleaning was over!

Although I hate, hate, hate, with a passion, getting my teeth cleaned, Dr. Kim, Carol and Cathy have all been so wonderful in helping ease the discomfort every six months when I come in for my appointment. Everyone who works there is very friendly, and each visit we all get to catch up on all the happenings that have taken place since my last visit, such as kids, pets and just everyday life in general.

About three years ago, I had to get gum surgery that left me with an extreme phobia and high level of anxiety associated with anyone working in my mouth. Since then, I've been a complete mess before and during simple teeth cleanings. Dr. Kim and his staff was able to accommodate my elevated fear and anxiety by offering nitrous to calm my nerves during the cleaning.

I wouldn't consider the nitrous to be the main root of the solution for what helps calm my anxiety. Instead, it's Cathy's gentle hands and stimulating conversation that helps take my mind off the work being done in my mouth. The dental assistant, Carol even joins in when she's not with a patient, leaving me laughing while I white knuckle hold onto the arms of the chair.

Last week, I dreaded my cleaning appointment so much that I had nightmare's that woke me up all night in a cold sweat. When the appointment day arrived and I was sitting in the chair, terrified. Dr. Kim came by and reassured me that it would be ok, and Carol comforted me as well. Cathy and I started talking while the cleaning got underway and before I knew it, the cleaning was over. I truly owe it to Cathy, Dr. Kim and Carol for helping me combat against the fear and anxiety that gum surgery has left me with.

After the cleaning was finished, I stopped by the toy box and picked out a whoppie cushion, which was later strategically placed on my better half's side of the bed.
- Eddie J. ★★★★★
I've been a patient of Dr. Kim's for over 10 years and referred friends there. He is all about quality care and the procedures I have had there have been quick and painless.  My three big features when looking for a dentist are quality, friendliness and efficiency, all of which Dr. Kim has.   

I intend to go see Dr. Kim as long he is in practice and can definitely vouch for him that he is a top notch dentist and will recommend him to anyone.
- C A ★★★★★
I have been going to Dr Kim's office for a number of years now and I know I can always trust that he is giving me an honest assessment and not just trying to rip me off. There was one time I thought I needed to get my fillings replaced and he told me that it wasn't necessary when it would have been easy for him to just do the procedure and make more money.

I have had heard some horror stories that people have with other dentists telling them that they need to spend a lot of money on procedures they don't need and I've never experienced that with Dr. Kim. In the few times I have gone in for procedures aside from my routine exams, there is little to no pain (even when he applies the novacaine) and he is very fast. I haven't had any issues with any of the work I have gotten there at all so his work is very high quality. I also know that he regularly attends seminars and conferences in order to ensure that he is kept informed as much as possible on everything that is going on in dentistry.

The rest of the staff is great and friendly, too!
- Lynn H. ★★★★★
Great dentist...nice and personable........highly recommend....

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